Looks like everyone is training for Justice League 16 comments
guest · 8 years ago
*distant squealing sounds from Batman's fans
To the batcave!! 2 comments
guest · 8 years ago
It's just one of the old Batcaves. Batman had moved to the new one
Writing a book is so easy! 17 comments
guest · 8 years ago
How does the other writers do it?! I mean, I know, it takes lot of pain, tears, frustation, blood, midnight snacks and stuff, but seriously, I've been writting for 6 years and couldn't even finish a perfectt chapter (actually, I was writting the eleventh, but then I re-read it and realized it's just Danny Phantom as Harry Potter, working with Edward Cullen and Jacob Black for the S.H.I.E.L.D, specialized as Grim Reaper, to protect the Underworld from ninja demons)