Just another vicious Pitbull 35 comments
guest · 7 years ago
Pit Bulls have killed over 20 people in the United States, so far this year 2013. 14 of those were innocent children. It helps no-one, including the dogs, to be remain ignorant about either their history (bred for violence and nothing BUT violence) or to be in denial about what they have been doing to people and ordinary pets for years, namely killing or maiming them. Staffordshires (British ones) are the ORIGINAL PIT BULLS. They are violent dogs, unfortunately that violence is kept hidden by their goofy expressions and behaviour. British Staffords have caused a great deal of harm to people and pets this year, including the horrible decapitation of Elvis the Pomeranian in his own garden, in front of children. It is an absolute MYTH that you need to teach these dogs to fight; they are natural-born fighters. Wise people are not fooled by propagandist pictures like this, featuring Pits and rabbits or chicks, or Pits slobbering all over babies. NEVER trust a Pit Bull; never.