I couldn't help myself 5 comments
guest · 4 years ago
Ohhgghhhh..... Are we all really not aware that Melania Trump did not write that speech? Nor did Michelle Obama... They have speech writers people. The speech writer messed up. Why do I keep having to explain this? Why is this not common knowledge? I don't get it.
Like flying or stop time 17 comments
guest · 4 years ago
I'm 31... And I'm still waiting for my Hogwarts letter.
Sweet sweet revenge at last MOTHERF*CKER 26 comments
guest · 4 years ago
You sound like you're a terrible person. This guy probably made fun if you because you suck.
If humans turned every light off for just one day 18 comments
guest · 4 years ago
Possibly, but some places will need some ekectricity, ex hospitals. Also we have polluted this planet so bad, I doubt we would see the stars to their full potential. Sad.
Why Americans are surprised by the rise of Donald Trump? 32 comments
guest · 4 years ago
So wrong, lol. Grow up, and post facts if you feel like making a statement.