Some people should not go out to eat 56 comments
guest · 7 years ago
It looks like the fructans group of the FODMAP diet you go on if you have IBS
What celebrities have you guys met? 42 comments
guest · 7 years ago
I'm tired, and I thought you said you met Regina George...
you always have worth 11 comments
guest · 7 years ago
I never mean to say anything in the left boxes, and always mean the ones on the right. I don't feel like any of the options on the left equate to those on the right. If I say "sorry I'm not making any sense" I definitely don't mean "thank you for understanding me", I imagine that nothing has been understood whatsoever.
This Is Why We Need Feminism! 36 comments
guest · 7 years ago
The issue was that her job was 9 hours standing and walking in those heels (which, as has been discussed, are painful and ultimately damaging). She had minimal time sitting. That is pure torture.