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guest · 4 years ago
Lets not get into the whole heaven/hell thing, because that's just going to be a mess. However I believe that the military, be it any country, is a lucrative business. War will always be- just as chaos will always be- but the government systems who run them are doing so under the guise of freedom and patriotism. People are only ever retrospectively wise, we rebuke Nazi soldiers because we now know they were wrong- even though most of them were "just following orders". Maybe some soldiers go to help, I don't know them, but it has been seen that there are those who just go for bloodlust. At best they are being used for their naivety, at worst they're monsters. People are either used, or repeat the mistakes of the past. There are other ways to help the world. I force this opinion on no one else, but I just felt I needed to say this.
As you were.