Anyone here ever actually play the card game? If yes, is it any fun? 13 comments
guest · 4 years ago
My boyfriend and I play, I wanted I collect but he bought my wave slasher trainer deck on the condition that we have to learn to play so we can battle. So now here I am collecting and battling him. So far ive won more matches against him than he has to me lol it's fun to play but go to the pokemon trading card game website (just enter thatin google, should be top result) and make a profile. It walks you through how to play. You can even play online without having to buy cards if thats what you wanna do. But half the fun is collecting and opening booster packs to see what you get. Either ways, have fun! If you wanna know more just ask me :) I'll check this post so I can answer more questions or to chat.
I could grow better facial hair than him. And I'm a woman. 6 comments
guest · 4 years ago
If I remember correctly, he basically talked shit and lost in that episode of cutthroat. I can't remember for sure though. If so, then this post is even more interesting lol