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Drench, blame the institution and the US government all you want, but the aberage American soldier is not a monster. You accuse us of all being racists, but I don't know anyone who respects Arab and Muslim culture more than soldiers. When you work with them and call them comrade you see the entire culture differently. I know our reasons for entering Afghanistan are sketchy, but the intentions of the men and women who volunteered are pure. When we walk through those streets we aren't met with fear, people are grateful to us, they also despise the terrorist cells that are tearing their country apart. But you know what maybe I should apologize for what I did there. Should I be sorry for helping build that school? For medically evacuating over 100 Arabs? Maybe I should be called a terrible person from saving 3 young boys from being sex slaves? But I think what I did in Afghanistan made the world a little better place, and I hope others continue to add to it.
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Torchy's tacos! So good!