Holy grail acne treatment 13 comments
guest · 5 years ago
Even with acne she is gorgeous
Rotten Tomatoes in a nutshell 12 comments
guest · 5 years ago
Hate to say it but I agree. I like DC's comics more than Marvel's but their films are lacking. I think the Arrow/Flash/Supergirl universe is phenomenal, though. Must see TV. Suicide Squad is DOc's best movie so far but not memorable, I think. Cannot wait for Wonder Woman, though!!!
A functional tattoo concept that turns arm into a ruler 5 comments
guest · 5 years ago
I can only see this being useful for carpenters and even then I feel its gonna be in accurate just bc it isn't a straight edge. But it's still a neat idea!
I can't stop laughing 18 comments
guest · 5 years ago
Just bc I never asked when they first came out and I still don't know, what is the difference between a drone and a RC helicopter?