We just kill each other with swords instead, like a true viking 23 comments
guest · 7 years ago
I've heard that is true in Australia
Really why? 22 comments
guest · 7 years ago
Because like wind turbines, the energy obtained (output) over the operating life cycle of the devices is WAY less than the energy used in building, installing, operating, maintaining, and removing/replacing (input). And, like wind turbines, they will NEVER provide the required "baseload power" needed to run a 21st century developed civilisation, no matter how many are installed. Or, as metalman said ( a lot more briefly) an hour ago: "cost>benefit". But I thought I'd add my 2 cents' worth. And also this: it doesn't matter how many fairies are at the bottom of a greenie's garden, it still won't work; coz PHYSICS, bitchez!
Latern festival fills the sky with fire 4 comments
guest · 7 years ago
What's a "latern"?
Is it an American imbecile?
What do you think? 43 comments
guest · 7 years ago
Oh really?? Have a VERY close read of the Koran, Morgan!
Have a Potato :) 15 comments
guest · 7 years ago
Downvoted; because apparently ALL American teenagers are walking, taking imbeciles.
The New vallet boy is serious about his job 5 comments
guest · 7 years ago
"valet", you moron!
I wish my county had a leader like Justin Trudeau 20 comments
guest · 7 years ago
Trudeau??? WTF?? Be careful what you wish for!!