I'm so sick seeing this bs 67 comments
guest · 4 years ago
What's the age limit on pro life? How many months old? Cause last I checked it wasn't babies but pre teens who were the hardest to adopt. Who have a higher chance of leaving the social welfare system and ending up in other government systems, when no one takes them in. Up with food stamps down with abortions? Is that the chant? What about refugees from other countries fleeing total war and daily death? What of their kids? 100% of terrorists start as fetuses, and from Manson to Oklahoma City, to countless mass shootings and beyond, that American fetus has a larger chance of causing a major domestic death toll. So, why aren't you adopting families from these countries? Why not protest Capitol Hill to increase the budget for children and families in need? What are you willing to give to stop abortion? Anyone can yell and shame, where's your love, especially you religious ones? Where's the grace and charity? I see a lot of hate and closed doors.
I feel oddly serene watching this 2 comments
guest · 4 years ago
In game footage of gta V