Shower thoughts 6 comments
guest · 3 years ago
The "most of the sky is below you" is bullshit. Given that the limit of the OBSERVABLE universe is about 13.6 billion light years away from you, then "most of the sky" is actually completely, spherically, all around you.
The justice system is flawed 73 comments
guest · 3 years ago
This is what happens when leftoids and idiots promote "multiculturalism" and import 1000's of 6th century savages.
It doesn't save any time, it's the same amount of characters 12 comments
guest · 3 years ago
Correct, sharedark. Same number of characters.
Thing is, people who write dat shit are those who think: "two-thousand-and-seventeen". Correct pronunciation of course is: "twenty-seventeen".
(Hint to the unenlightened: how many people wander about saying, for example: "one-thousand-nine-hundred-and-forty-five"? Answer: none. We all say "nineteen-forty-five". And "eighteen-sixty". Etc.)
Therefore, it's ALWAYS "twenty-seventeen"; and subsequently.
The future is now 15 comments
guest · 3 years ago
Hey "britishclusterfuck", you're an imbecile. Perhaps you should piss off and enjoy another british cluster fuck.
Only in Calafornia 5 comments
guest · 3 years ago
Only in "Calafornia"??
Si, and written only by an imbecile.
What have we come to? 21 comments
guest · 3 years ago
Try googling "milankovitch cycles", global warming scammers, and see how the SUN changes earth's temperature - and climate. But you won't, will you, because like all religionists, you can't stand someone pointing out that the whole basis for your "beliefs" is based zilch.
The great family of wrenches 19 comments
guest · 3 years ago
Yeah, and most of the rest of the planet, they're called "spanners", not 'wrenches'. Sheesh! Americans!