No he doesn't 13 comments
guest · 3 years ago
Now that I'm in my 40's, this kind of drama makes me realize that this sort of behavior steals desperately needed attention from kids who are really abused and desperately need help out of a bad way. It's amazing how often spoiled kids feel that the best way to get yet more attention, and to enforce their delusional self-importance on society, is this kind of pseudo-darkness and depression with empty threats of suicide. I mean, if she were so abused that she felt like God had abandoned her, I can promise that the abusive parent(s) would beat her black and blue for acting out in this way. Plainly, she's living in a very permissive home. I know, because I was not treated well at all as a child at all (putting it nicely), as were many of my friends (hurt kids find other hurt kids), and we would have been terrified to behave this way for paralyzing fear of what our folks would've done to us.