Spray on clothes. Took you long enough, science 10 comments
guest · 10 years ago
Isn't it faster to just pick a t-shirt from the ground and put it on?
Reason #482 why I won't have kids 3 comments
guest · 10 years ago
Reason #864 of why I would love to have a child (when I am a fully grown woman, married and a stable work): It will be great to remember
Miley Cyrus copying Cynthia 3 comments
guest · 10 years ago
This is so accurate its scary... What if Cynthia possessed Miley Cyrus and wanted her doll form the most and now we're all in trouble... Because if her dark purpose succeed, Woody and Buzz and Rex are gonna posses other celebrities and were gonna be the toys and cartoons then... This makes me so sad :(