This metaphor is to good 10 comments
guest · 1 year ago
People without $50,000 in net worth shouldn’t get to vote. No skin in the game, no seat at the table. Buncha 25 year old socialists talking about how to spend my money, taking more than they give. Let’s differentiate between citizens and civilians.
Loop holes to the purge 14 comments
guest · 1 year ago
I don’t think most people would commit murder. My purge night would involve some drugged driving and a little petty vandalism.
Anon has a fetish 4 comments
guest · 1 year ago
Until one day it doesn’t
Nasa vs spacex 5 comments
guest · 1 year ago
Quota hire
Protect yourself 10 comments
guest · 2 years ago
Surely you are referring to the frigid trigger happy masses confusing human courtship rituals with physical assault.
When you live in the artic circle, half a watermelon cost $37.00 6 comments
guest · 2 years ago
100 years ago, the richest most powerful person in the world couldn’t procur edible watermelon period, let alone for a small fee. Here’s my question. If you are aware that people live in civilized conditions elsewhere, why stay in Nunavut?
Sounds like my ex girlfriend 5 comments
guest · 2 years ago
Talk about a deadfish
90s Kids Will Get This 21 comments
guest · 2 years ago
No, people who had advantages never before seen in human history should have saved enough to retire, but they fucked up and now can’t quit working. Or selfishly they don’t feel obligated to move into the next phase of their; I know a boomer who’s had a six figure job for fourty years, paid off their home 20 years ago (bought for 90K, now worth 400K), has multiple pension plans and savings and just took a leave of absence to hang around the house for a year. Meanwhile the rest of us are trying to raise families.
Maybe he's just thicc 23 comments
guest · 2 years ago
He also wears lifts and has fake teeth