WLTH 108: wow even I'm not that petty 72 comments
guest · 5 years ago
Woah, different guest here, reading these comments and the people who clearly done get how strange they sound..... it’s a comparison, it still happens today with women, and just cause you’ve got the label wife, dons t mean you get treated better. The point is that yes SOME black people where slaves, but not now days and people who owned them are dead. The world is moving on, and so should some of these people. Don’t keep 0aying the victim card. The world dosnt owe anyone anything, work for it yourself if you really want and need it
it would be impossible to be sad living here 43 comments
guest · 5 years ago
I’m sure I could be sad there
I don't know who I want to win 18 comments
guest · 5 years ago
Looks like a tree snake (non venomous, ) vs a St. Andrew’s Cross spider....( lightly venomous).... so the spider won
Too little too late 10 comments
guest · 5 years ago
You mean fix it after they buggered it up right?
Every year during earth day 4 comments
guest · 5 years ago
This actully makes me sad