WLTH 108: wow even I'm not that petty 72 comments
guest · 5 years ago
The thing is as far as what they mean by reparations is white people never stopped accumulating wealth generational aka old white slave owners profited and were able to pass on whatever physical gains (money land businesses) as well as status, upper class business owning assisted in nepotism centered economies in the south where who you knew deeply influenced how your were treated( relevance respect investments.) White men acting as gods over slaves, which history shows consistently they were treated as porperty same as livestock (hence literal peices of our constitution including the worth of slaves as slaves not people). For hundreds of years, slaves themselves not only did labor for free (lack of money land and business) they also dealt with literally being lower than an orphaned white individual as skin color was a heavy influence on obviously even once so they had an intense handicap economically, socially, and mentally ( grew up living like livestock will mess you up)