My friend wants me to sign up for this 4 comments
guest · 2 years ago
They play something similar in Florence. It's like a mix of rugby, football, and medieval fighting. Got banned for a while because of the many deaths, but it's back again in a somewhat safer form.
I've been doing it wrong all my life 5 comments
guest · 2 years ago
Great. Now I get to feel trendy rather than what I really am, a broke-ass grad student.
He's old enough 7 comments
guest · 2 years ago
That child looks much older than 2 years.
Gotta get busy then. 48 comments
guest · 2 years ago
There's a reason Christ is called the Lamb of God. That is, it wasn't a human sacrifice. I think that God does give us free will. It's like having a child, sometimes you stamp your feet and stop them from eating rat poison & other times you just let them find out how bad vinegar tastes.
Stay in skool 16 comments
guest · 2 years ago
I'm not aware of the Bible saying that hell is in Earth. That's not part of Christianity.