Much needed skill! 3 comments
guest · 2 years ago
Note to self: Next time trying this, make sure the fence doesn't have the chain part above the bar part making it super pokey.
Truth about rugby 17 comments
guest · 2 years ago
I,prefer boxing and MMA, which therefore makes me much more manly than you pussies who watch sports where the participants can't punch and purposely harm each other.

I like how every "my favorite sport is tougher than yours" person looks like he (or she!) never participated, but somehow the sport's superior toughness transfers over by osmosis.
Never underestimate my power 10 comments
guest · 2 years ago
Perhaps she's offering some prostate stimulation to hasten the,....errrr...."finish."
champ 25 comments
guest · 2 years ago
I see that MLK is there...the REVEREND Martin Luther King. I think what all you people who think "it's the same God" are missing is that the requirements to get into heaven as defined by Jews, Christians and Muslims, are not only different but mutually exclusive. It may be that none of them is right, but they can't all be right.

You can believe that gravity doesn't apply to,you, but fall off a building and the strength and earnestness of that belief will not keep you from splattering on the pavement. If any of those religions is true, then you wishing that they were all equally valid won't do you any good. And if you find it unfair that a God would not conform to your wishes for fairness or truth, ask,yourself "who get to define what constitutes fair, good or, or the God who created everything?"
What's wrong with feminism 45 comments
guest · 2 years ago
I keep hearing women SAY this, but they never resist the misandrists from taking over the feminist movement. Consequently, "feminism" is never about *equality*, but is always "pro-woman," so employ a woman over a man, or give shcolarships and opportunities to women preferentially rather than with mere equal opportunity.

If,you're. "Feminist" that let the misandrists hijack your movement, that's your own fault.
True masterpiece 35 comments
guest · 2 years ago
After reviewing pornhub's content, it appears that many of the actresses are in danger of only having a semicolon after the surgery they're going to need from all that....ummmmm...Greek oriented activity.
And I owe it money 9 comments
guest · 2 years ago
Hope you will find something you like,doing that pays well. But, if you majored in something that has no job prospects or very narrow appeal, then that's on you for not looking into it first. Don't major in modern dance, or art history of the French revolutionary period, or the anthropology of basket making, and expect potential employers to be banging down your door. Or don't major in petroleum engineering and be unwilling to,relocate to where all that particular niche is done.
Well my whole life is ironic already 4 comments
guest · 3 years ago choking on a Lifesaver?
Triggering triggers 10 comments
guest · 3 years ago
Who imposed that shit? It wasn't was other women who set the "standard" of what's beautiful and what's "normal." Can you imagine if all women did something--not shave their legs, or not wear makeup--do,you think men would,suddenly not want to have sex with them?
Not rich? Well that's why you're poor 12 comments
guest · 3 years ago
Alternative take: when the article shows how to feed a family for $100 a week, get some ideas on how to,do it for $150 to $200 instead of the $500 you've been spending without any thought or planning.

Just last weekend, I was at an event where a relative and her husband were complaining that they had no "extra" money. Another relative asked them how much they smoked. It turned out that they were both at a pack a day. How much does a pack cost? Turns out it's $7. Since 7x7 is 49, that means they'd at 100 a week between the two,of them or about $5000 a year. You can do that math in your head. A lot of people can't hold onto money because of stupid decisions and compounding that by never examining their expenses at all.
Not for Jane 6 comments
guest · 3 years ago
"Don't censor what we can see! Don't censor what we can watch!"

"OMG! Someone I don't like won an election. I need a safe space! Someone that my fellow students say that I should dislike is supposed to speak on campus. I need a trigger warning! Someone get me some bottles to throw!"
The good karma 1 comments
guest · 3 years ago
If she "raised $55K" that means he got the money from other people, not her. She enabled it to occur, but tbh it doesn't seem super generous.

This isn’t good 23 comments
guest · 3 years ago
Can't help but notice that the censorship happened before the evil control of non-neutrality. So, if today's situation is so much better, there's already undesired interference. Sorta like how Facebook and Twitter only restrict messages from certain political viewpoints.
Congrats Australia! 16 comments
guest · 3 years ago
Apparently it's popular to,accept the "Love is Love" mantra. We must not,judge any of it, even if someone believes that homosexuality is wrong....judging is the ultimate crime. OK, you non-judgers, what about incest and pedophilia? Still forbidding people to be judgmental, or is it OK when it's something YOU don't care for?
Good question 20 comments
guest · 3 years ago
Same thing for diversity, right? If diversity is so beneficial, why isn't Africa trying really damn hard to,attract whites, Hispanics and Asians? Why aren't the powers that be encouraging immigration to Asia to increase diversity? It seems selfish for the west to hog all this benefit-increasing diversity for ourselves.
Rules of life... 5 comments
guest · 3 years ago
Agreed that adulting is not that hard. But, omg, being a parent and being responsible for several other people can be rough.
Nothing to say on the matter 9 comments
guest · 3 years ago
Also, it's rather thick. It can leave...well...callouses. Use something slipperier, like KY or Astroglode. Trust me.

Luckily, the callous or friction damage on the skin is confined to the most sensitive hand isn't affected.
These two should solve mysteries using math and science 9 comments
guest · 3 years ago
Plot twist: they're not working on anything scientific, but more ways to insult people with any sort of religious or spiritual,belief.

Dissapointment level 99.
Human psychology is strange 5 comments
guest · 3 years ago
This may be shocking, but there's a lot of $#+ I *don't* tell my friends.
I wish this were true 9 comments
guest · 3 years ago
If you are really the type of person who would,give away millions when you have tens of millions, you'd already be giving a few dollars because you only have a couple hundred. If you have even less, you'd be volunteering. We never have too many people in the group who builds wheelchair ramps for the handicapped and elderly, and the local homeless shelter needs help serving food in every month other than December.

Otherwise, it's just the meme of "I imagine myself in situations that will never really exist."

Hope you done take this as an insult, but a point to drive some introspection.
She's a tough one 12 comments
guest · 3 years ago
What's super funny is the guest, in trying to defend liberal men against being called pussies, doesn't realize that he/she has now called them assholes. So, liberal man-boys are pussies, assholes, and bad at analogies.
They need to teach history 17 comments
guest · 3 years ago
I imagine that they had some sort of "character" or "historical figure" day at his school. The point is that people were calling him a Nazi, when that was a WW2 party, not WW1.

But, ok, let's say we get to veto his choice because of the reasons some of you have come up with. There will be a lot of other historical figures vetoed if the criteria include "must not offend anyone, even those offended for a wrong reason." American Revolutionary people may offend a British immigrant or someone if British ancestry. Joan of It makes it hard to anticipate who might be offended if you're including people who take it on themselves to be offended by their own wrong understanding of things.
Cute comics! :D 6 comments
guest · 3 years ago
Is there something wrong with me that I find the watermelon one highly,erotic?