Happy holidays! 8 comments
guest · 45 weeks ago
"pickled children"
I'm just looking out for you 5 comments
guest · 50 weeks ago
Mind ya business
"The hell is this?" 6 comments
guest · 1 year ago
Aim 5 comments
guest · 1 year ago
One dude got mad at me for not accepting his invitation to stay over for the weekend (usually rent hotel when in LA for business) flipped out because he is providing a place too stay for me for free! Yeah sure buddy.
Guess her text....Win prize 9 comments
guest · 1 year ago
"Gurl I'm just leaving my dick appointment and let me tell..."
It wasn't even an OK movie for me 8 comments
guest · 1 year ago
We should implement that kind of practice if you ask me. Want a war? How about our leaders fight it out and winner takes all. Maybe getting their hands dirty will give them a better understanding of the value of life.
Math is a problem 1 comments
guest · 1 year ago
"Fuck...this that new math huh? Hold on, I gotta radio dispatch."