If you thought your gym had w*nkers 5 comments
guest · 2 years ago
After an earthquake, morons.
Sadie is short for sadistic 3 comments
guest · 2 years ago
That'd be masochistic, moron.
Miniature post apocalyptic cityscapes 9 comments
guest · 2 years ago
Where do the trees get their nutrition from? Not gonna be much soil in those empty buildings.
No, things aren't that simple 8 comments
guest · 2 years ago
A good illustration of sloppy language, and lefty 'reframing'.
Could be several 'truths' for something, but only 1 fact. Don't confuse 'truth', and 'fact'. It's like mixing up 'honesty', and 'integrity'. ANY observer may (by not lying) tell EXACTLY what's observed; ie: 'telling the truth'. The FACT/s may be something else, or a combination of the (observed) 'truths'.
Too many lefty-greeny progressive pissants talk of 'truth', but don't know they're looking for the word for reality; "fact". To self-justify, and feel better (because they're usually ill-educated, ignorant, indoctrinated, self-hating imbeciles) they invented the bullshit phrase: "alternative truth". Examples of this class of marxist morons is any typical 'antifa' arsehole.
Life's easier by avoiding these cultural criticism c**ksuckers.
Experiment 113 comments
guest · 2 years ago
Amir's a moron. American culture began as an extension of a subset of English culture of that time - the desire for religious, philosophical, and economic freedom of choice, and release from persecution.
I'm not here to f*ck Spiders (or: How Australians love to mess with foreigners) 21 comments
guest · 2 years ago
And the usual drop bears, and flesh-eating flowers, etc ...
Hooo yeah!! (LOL)
An australian sunrise 11 comments
guest · 2 years ago
Oh my! How hilariously funny .. Australia .. upside down picture .. Much ROFL .. So laugh .. .. ...
You imbecile.
25 to life would be justice 18 comments
guest · 2 years ago
girl who cried "rape"
boy who cried "wolf"
society who (eventually) cried "bullshit"
Not for the faint of heart 19 comments
guest · 2 years ago
Where "sophisticated" = imbecile.