Exactly how I feel 15 comments
guest · 3 years ago
It’s unreasonable to expect a lifetime full of happiness, that’s like wanting to be afraid 24/7 or laughing 24/7. Instead, work on being purposeful and contribute to your social setting (friends, family, community) being known as a reliable person will give you contentment while you go through life. Being content will allow you to perform your responsibilities while you experience a whole myriad of emotions; you’ll be bored 10% of the time, happy 10%, sad 10%, anxious 10% etc. And that’s normal.
Uncontrollable happiness all the time is called being manic and it should be medicated.
Congratulations MC Mary Kom.The professional of India 3 comments
guest · 3 years ago
She don’t look Indian to me, what ever happened to ethnostates?