2nd most intelligent species on the planet followed by humans 9 comments
guest · 20 weeks ago
Say no to dolphin rape
Same time Different wings position in the mirror 7 comments
guest · 20 weeks ago
I’m its the middle of January
Accurate 32 comments
guest · 22 weeks ago
Can’t we all agree you’re all giving out too much
A wholesome community 4 comments
guest · 23 weeks ago
I spent half my life in Texas and respect and manners are a big thing in the south. We want to be kind and respectful to others and I never met any racist in the south. The only time i have met a racist was actually in Colorado. Now that doesn’t mean there are none in Texas (after all Texas is a massive state) however with stereotypes and the massive issue the a lot of major media sources, we should not try to get in dumb over dramatic fights for stupid reasons that play into other people’s goals.