Mbti memes-4 8 comments
guest · 1 year ago
Hahahaha suck a dick. I’m an INTP and I get mad pussy. Just because you’re born a certain way doesn’t mean your confined to it. I have no friends, no family, but everyone thinks I’m outgoing because I’ve recieved comprehensive, formal sales training and mentorship. I’m the best at what I do, even if I hate talking to people on my own time.
I know, why I married her 6 comments
guest · 1 year ago
Lol, unpopular opinion that’s going to get downvoted, but the reason this is happening lately is because modern women are become narcissistic, blood-sucking, misandrist whores. I see posts like this fairly often, and it warms my heart because this is the kind of love im looking for. But as of the last 4-5 months I’m actively avoiding women and relationships with women and have decided never to get married. It’s not worth the risk. My ex, who was an extremely kind, sweet person, still didn’t mind using men to get ahead. And she was on the good end of the spectrum. There’s a reason the MGTOW movement is taking off like wildfire - even if I don’t think it’s necessarily healthy, it’s better than the alternative. You see 1/1000 posts like this, but 50/1000 posts are about how women have lied, cheated, stolen, manipulated men. If they’re not already, modern men should be fucking HORRIFIED of any kind of a relationship with women. Sad, but true.
Kachomp 6 comments
guest · 1 year ago
Millhouse is a pussy. Does that mean the rest of us have to be too?