He said it loud 7 comments
guest · 11 weeks ago
It’s proportional.
This is how my friend's dog greets guests 3 comments
guest · 16 weeks ago
Big sweeties a Leonberger
Anyone know what kind of pest this is in our greenhouse eating all of our strawberries? 8 comments
guest · 16 weeks ago
I’ve got 2 of those little buggers in my garden too
Those are two very good labs 5 comments
guest · 17 weeks ago
I miss my Rosie. She was my big sweetie!!
He bite 7 comments
guest · 21 weeks ago
My big sweetie would just come up wack me with a huge paw then shove her nose into my hand. Very simple. It was like, I’m here, pet me NOW!!!
Barbequeing intensifies 18 comments
guest · 25 weeks ago
Listen here fucktwat!!
Hey shit stick...
Brazilian hulk 9 comments
guest · 26 weeks ago
It’s called synthol.
Use less fuel with Physics 5 comments
guest · 30 weeks ago
Ok, you’re cut off!!! You’re making to much sense!!
Just Racist 4 comments
guest · 38 weeks ago
Dead war hero and being trampled on. WOW!!! Way to go a$$hats with all of your likes.