All I can say is someone sure can strap down a tractor! 1 comments
guest · 2 weeks ago
“That’s not going anywhere”
Endal saves his owner after he was hit by a car 10 comments
guest · 8 weeks ago
Bet you can’t get a cat to do this. Haha
He bite 7 comments
guest · 8 weeks ago
Pet me!! I’ll chew it Karen.
Real music not bullshit 6 comments
guest · 8 weeks ago
Watch out!! The bots are charging themselves with electric personalities. Shocking turn of events.
New Coin to commemorate Brexit! 2 comments
guest · 10 weeks ago
You could say someone “coined” brexit perfectly.
Pastoral nimble defiant Boar 25 comments
guest · 16 weeks ago
Goddamnit “me too Karen"
title 2 comments
guest · 17 weeks ago
At least it will function as intended.