Now more relevant than ever in USA 19 comments
guest · 35 weeks ago
He had one of his friends take this picture so he could post it on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram page. He doesn't really give a shit about the issue, just wants everyone to think he's a caring, open minded, intellectual and not the easily-swayed, trendy, self-important douche that he really is. Unfortunately, the clothing and minimal-effort sign give him away.
This lad is a hero 4 comments
guest · 35 weeks ago
The build up in this story is ridiculous. Adults yell "Hey, what are doing?" all the time. I don't think this situation would have left many, if any, paralyzed or confused.
My old pappy used to say "no matter how good you think you are there is always some 10 comments
guest · 35 weeks ago
No. Truly nice people don't suddenly become scary assholes because someone pushed them too far. People faking being nice or people simply being polite are the ones that can turn quickly. You want to see what someone is truly like? Push them a little. That's when the mask they put on falls away and who they truly are comes out.
Monsters like the absence of protons though 8 comments
guest · 36 weeks ago
That's just some bullshit answer to make himself seem more cerebral, analytical than he really is.
Pretty late 15 comments
guest · 37 weeks ago
Pepsi dropped the lawsuit. Pepsi claimed it would end the suit if the farmers used different seeds or joined Pepsi's program. The offer to become part of Pepsi's program seemed to piss everyone off and a number of different groups backed the farmers. I think the political pressure forced Pepsi to just drop the whole thing.
True af 15 comments
guest · 37 weeks ago
Netflix had a huge influence in shutting down rental places. The only people that would argue this are those that weren't around before Netflix.
Both WalMart and Amazon had a huge role in smaller business closing down. Again, the only people that would argue this are those that weren't around before WalMart and Amazon.
That's some backwards thinking 8 comments
guest · 38 weeks ago
Mature enough to proceed without parental consent.
Hamster bread 8 comments
guest · 38 weeks ago
They're resin figurines, not bread.
Only legends will get it 11 comments
guest · 38 weeks ago
IT'S A FUCKING JOKE! Why are idiots overanalyzing it? A two part response dealing with human gestation periods and military leave over a fucking joke?
Gear shift: Radio edit 3 comments
guest · 39 weeks ago
It's not actually connected to the shift linkage. It's electronically controlled and won't go into reverse or park while driving. There's actually a message that appears on the dash telling you the speed is too fast for reverse or park if you start turning the knob while driving.
#caninelivesmatter 11 comments
guest · 40 weeks ago
It was a pit bull and it was going after the officer, not "just barking." Pit bull owners are the most delusional group of people on the planet.
Endal saves his owner after he was hit by a car 10 comments
guest · 40 weeks ago
Trained service dog performs functions it was trained to do. Dog owners stunned.
Being Black in America Means You Can Do No Good 4 comments
guest · 40 weeks ago
The only reason they reported on it is because he's a black ex-con on his way to a job interview. This happened three years ago. Why is it making the rounds suddenly?
Let's give a round of applause for this man 7 comments
guest · 40 weeks ago
He didn't write that many lines of code either. It was a team effort. I don't agree with the media trying to claim a single woman was behind the effort, but elevating other people to try and counter that isn't helping. You just make the poor woman feel slighted and attacked. She genuinely seemed excited about the whole thing. There's no point in diminishing her role in the project.
He's gonna need to find a quality burn unit as well 31 comments
guest · 40 weeks ago
If it was just your house in danger this might be fairly reasonable comparison. Your house catching fire is highly likely to endanger more than just your house, though. Fire is silly like that. Requiring medical attention after attempting the latest "Internet Challenge" and setting your house on fire attempting the same thing are two drastically different situations.