Be nice. 33 comments
guest · 39 weeks ago
Ironically, if people had some class and self-respect, they would think twice about what they wear outside.
Dayumn 3 comments
guest · 40 weeks ago
Obviously. Noone thought the two guys stopped the car with their strength. The 'dayumn' is with respect to how close the car came to hitting the other one. Whoosh.
Watch out mom 3 comments
guest · 40 weeks ago
Step on a crack, break your mother's back.
Doggo gets his brain sliced off 16 comments
guest · 41 weeks ago
Do you even know what colloquial means??
Ahahaha 6 comments
guest · 42 weeks ago
Yeah, Doha is awesome. Abu Dhabi is possibly one of the most boring places on earth.
It do be like this today 2 comments
guest · 45 weeks ago
We eat those in the UK all the time. They're called a bacon butty - just buttered bread, bacon, and either ketchup or brown sauce.
Let argue since y'all know everything 5 comments
guest · 47 weeks ago
I'd put 6 next to 10 because seven eight nine.
All this, still I'm single 3 comments
guest · 51 weeks ago
I'm a girl and I am not weakened by any of those.