Did they though?? 16 comments
guest · 27 weeks ago
Name one character in Avatar without looking it up.
Now here's a revolutionary idea 16 comments
guest · 27 weeks ago
Many people of a small subset of our population.
And you have no option but to pay into it 8 comments
guest · 27 weeks ago
Because in addition to paying for your retirement you are paying for everyone elses.
Funny meme and all, but first let me find a gf 4 comments
guest · 27 weeks ago
Mmmmymm yes *sheathes my katana, sweat dripping from my fedora* sluts are only interested in material possessions.
Yet another hard pill to swallow 5 comments
guest · 28 weeks ago
Wow guest, guess he showed your racist ass.
Us white people after finding out yet another white character has been blackwashed 10 comments
guest · 29 weeks ago
It's funny that the people who care about this are far smaller than the people who don't.