What can you say? 30 comments
guest · 9 years ago
So much respect for the two or them
I AM DIVERGENT I CAN'T BE CONTROLLED!!! hahaha 167 comments
guest · 10 years ago
I have green eyes and I actually am a runner!
hey man lets go on an adventure 5 comments
guest · 10 years ago
I had a bad day and this video is the only time I've smiled for real all today so thank you(:
Had to say something 24 comments
guest · 10 years ago
I agree completely.
Apparently this opinion makes me some kind of monster 119 comments
guest · 10 years ago
That is awful. They deserve at least a chance to live. Children are not animals and can not just be euthanized with or without a birth deffect. Kids with defects such as Down syndrome are some of the nicest people you will ever meet and honestly they know they have they disease but they are happy and have feelings as well. Everyone needs and deserves a chance to live so yes I think that very one of you who said that are monsters and I hope to God you never have to joy of having a child.
Admit something you have told no one else (only if you feel comfortable) 338 comments
guest · 10 years ago
I'm 14 and still call my parents Mommy and Daddy because I don't like calling them mom and dad. And when I was in kindergarten i had my first kiss, but the disgusting part is that it was in the girls bathroom with my best friend who is a girl and I'm not gay:/