Ah.... World war II - When duck face was actually kinda cute 9 comments
guest · 7 years ago
More of a pout than a duck face
Logic in Murica not found 22 comments
guest · 7 years ago
I think this is an American problem. lots of other countries have guns legally but there's still not as much shootings as in America. I think if you guys didn't view your constitution as the be all end all sacred text then maybe thongs could get better. Yoy should he allowed to arm yourself but why should you choose the most dangerous weapon when you're probably not going to use it. Also, many places that have tough gun control such as the UK have very low gun crime rates. I thinly its just a different way of thinking that males America like this.
Waiting grinds my gears 6 comments
guest · 7 years ago
Hah with my GP it usually only takes ten minutes.
The 'we can do it' lady 8 comments
guest · 7 years ago
That's definitely a drawing, not a photograph.
Military uniforms 14 comments
guest · 8 years ago
The GB one is a palace guard at Buckingham Palace. Not a beefeater nor normal military uniform.