The werewolf guide 11 comments
guest · 9 years ago
Come on who doesn't love a mean scary werewolf?
This is the first time a post has actually made me cry 46 comments
guest · 9 years ago
I dont even like cats......but i feel so damn sorry for that poor guy
RV logic 5 comments
guest · 9 years ago
Doesnt matter if its personal or business most people that have never driven one of those big bastards have no damn "business" driving one! There should be a class and a special place on the license for them just like the CDLs. My parents were killed by an 80 year old man that just bought his and took a curve too fast and lost control.
Løvee 56 comments
guest · 9 years ago
What field of medicine are you studying where they would allow you to misspell so many words?