Bruce Wayne everyone! 8 comments
guest · 7 years ago
Women who throw themselves at you are not worth anything. If you need a partner, make sure they are your equal.
You've merely culled the weak 28 comments
guest · 8 years ago
Alot of women complain about men so they can get free shit
If it fits it sits 31 comments
guest · 9 years ago
I fail to see what's wrong with this
Its not that horrible 10 comments
guest · 9 years ago
Except this so called "feminist" movement does not do that. The movement like most "movement for equality" is just disguised this way to gain more power. Most movement don't even have their goals for equality. It's all about power, just ask anyone that's involved in any kind of politics.
Testing a theory 11 comments
guest · 9 years ago
Because this website is overloaded by assholes and Telly tubbies these past few months