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guest · 7 years ago
while I agree that some women get abortions for the wrong reasons (such as it was a gender they didn't want or to spite the father who left) I am pro-choice because if abortion was illegal then some women will just turn to other methods such as back alley abortions, which is not only dangerous but can also lead to them never being able to have any children.
sometimes if the pregnancy is a result of rape then the woman may be too traumatized to go through with it, even if they can give the baby up for adoption afterwards. if the pregnancy endangers the woman (such as if the fetus was growing in the Fallopian tube ) then you could be causing the death of both the woman and the baby by making abortion illegal.
I think everyone should have their own opinion and if you don't believe in abortion then don't have one but you can't force everyone to obey by that because they'll always be situations you can't put yourself in that abortion might be the best answer for the mother