Good college students guys 40 comments
guest · 8 years ago
Doesn't tell us what "drugs" it detects though. Most likely GHB. Anyone ever tasted GHB? It's salty as fuck. If you can't taste that in your drink then you deserve to be raped. It's also a controlled drug and really fucking expensive. Furthermore, most women claiming to have been drugged actually are just inebriated (as confirmed by blood tests). This nail polish is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.
Try it, repeat a word in your head a load of times. 19 comments
guest · 8 years ago
This happens because the circuits used to "think" the word become tired and the nerves depolarise more slowly. kind of like repetitively flexing a muscle. This weakens the connection between the word and its meaning.
British to American slang 32 comments
guest · 8 years ago
kanye is so fucking dumb