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Animals don't know about the world 4 comments
duatai · 3 years ago
We humans have yet to discover all animals. I would say we're in the same boat.
Bingo 11 comments
duatai · 5 years ago
Well, if you're good looking, you don't need makeup to look good. Same goes for girls.
jarvissssssss 10 comments
duatai · 5 years ago
Hahaha... and no credit was given to the programmer who made this level of AI possible.
6 · Edited 5 years ago
So true... 12 comments
duatai · 5 years ago
Well, they say laughter is the best medicine.
Photogenic sloth 7 comments
duatai · 7 years ago
The Internet seems to love sloths too lol
5 · Edited 7 years ago
Which cat is tougher, you decide 25 comments
duatai · 8 years ago
Lego cat is obviously the winner here