The difference is real 5 comments
eyefire · 2 years ago
Photo on the left is more memorable. "Remember the time I dressed up and acted like a model" vs "this is just me on a normal day."
I know it 8 comments
eyefire · 2 years ago
That moment you realize you're into cross dressing
this is awesome 72 comments
eyefire · 3 years ago
All this people arguing about gender and equality. But as a guy I wouldn't care if a girl or transgender used the male bathroom with me.
Why do we even need separate bathroom? It's just people peeing and shitting in there.
Come at me bro 13 comments
eyefire · 6 years ago
*Balls implode*
Am I the only one that wears make up? 19 comments
eyefire · 6 years ago
Cos you were links all over the site to that no makeup post
Ask FunSubstance a Question 542 comments
eyefire · 6 years ago
You know what happens to sites that stop getting new users... hint: MySpace, Digg
Take that, robber! 14 comments
eyefire · 7 years ago
He backs off like "sorry I didn't mean it", takes his hat and leaves. Must be Canadian.