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Not funny 11 comments
felixo77 · 1 week ago
Or maybe people disagree with them or are annoyed by the constant spamming of walls of text? But no, you're right, it must be a conspiracy lol.
Just throwing this out here 19 comments
felixo77 · 3 weeks ago
@cryscross Please read beyond the first 6 words. North Africa, not North America.
Here's a little lesson in trickery 5 comments
felixo77 · 3 weeks ago
It's a joke implying the person saying they don't know is a pedophile because they can't recognize the difference between a sex worker and a child.
Hat dich hintergangen 8 comments
felixo77 · 4 weeks ago
Employer: Hello sir, how are you doing?
Me: You, you have, you have/got me. (These are lyrics from the song "Du Hast" by Rammstein.)
Employer: Listen here you little shit.
Answer this, Kanye 1 comments
felixo77 · 5 weeks ago
They deliver with DoorDash....
Suffer not the j*zz rag to live 1 comments
felixo77 · 5 weeks ago
This is some Grade A Heresy.
Thanks satan! 3 comments
felixo77 · 6 weeks ago
Probably a more general dislike of the Epic Store.
Which one ur country is famous for 18 comments
felixo77 · 8 weeks ago
All of the above.
Yee haw 19 comments
felixo77 · 10 weeks ago
Disneyworld is in Florida, Disneyland is in California
The annihilator 12 comments
felixo77 · 11 weeks ago
This thing generates almost 5 tons of recoil. To put that in perspective the two engines of the plane it is mounted on only generate 4 tons of thrust each. If you strapped this to your car and started firing from a standstill you would be breaking the interstate speed limit in less than 3 seconds.
Make a wish 3 comments
felixo77 · 13 weeks ago
I'm sorry how does is it society's fault when PETA steals pets off porches and kills them?
Here's a simple explanation for the equal pay debate 23 comments
felixo77 · 13 weeks ago
In conclusion, women and men are biologically different which leads to men playing athletic sports at a higher skill level. The public finds this more entertaining and so male or pro sports make more money. The only thing preventing women from joining a pro league is their biology and skill.
In your response, try to be concise and don't attempt to hit me over the head with a wall of text.
Here's a simple explanation for the equal pay debate 23 comments
felixo77 · 13 weeks ago
@guest_ I know it's your shtick to spew words until everyone else stops talking but let's have an actual discussion.
First, you insist that teams and owners must be discriminating against female athletes. And you base this on what exactly? Your gut? I'm going to need some actual examples.
Do female athletics recieve less attention than their pro counterparts? Yes because they are less popular. Why are they less popular? Because they play at a lower skill level.
Sports are, at their core, entertainment and people watch what they find the most interesting, the highest skilled players. It is not the responsibility of the public to subsidize a less entertaining media just because "they're women." Despite this, women's sports are already subsidized by their pro counterparts. For example, the WNBA wouldn't exist if the NBA didn't give it money every year.
Here's a simple explanation for the equal pay debate 23 comments
felixo77 · 13 weeks ago
When a woman who would go on to win a silver Olympic medal attempted to play in the NHL she completed only a single period of a pre-season game and let in 2 goals on 9 shots.
Here's a simple explanation for the equal pay debate 23 comments
felixo77 · 13 weeks ago
Actually @guest_ there are no regulations against women participating in the Male leagues. Woman's leagues on the other hand do prohibit male players.
Any woman can join a male team, provided she can keep up physically. Unfortunately human beings are sexually dimorphic and woman aren't able to compete physically at the top levels. That's why you see things such as the Williams sisters losing back to back to the 203rd ranked male tennis player and Olympic teams losing to male under 16 teams.
Seems fair enough 17 comments
felixo77 · 15 weeks ago
Why are you conflating immigrants with illegal immigrants?
1 sheep+99lion vs 1 lion+99 sheep, which side will win? 4 comments
felixo77 · 21 weeks ago
That's not an African proverb. It's usually credited to Alexander the Great.
Any good books? 26 comments
felixo77 · 22 weeks ago
Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. Sci-fi about child soldiers without becoming to dark.
Who fits in this category? 21 comments
felixo77 · 25 weeks ago
I know it's a necropost but I'm on a random binge.
For anyone still following this there exists a named trope of this. Breaking the Cutie
Amazing milestone for womenkind 9 comments
felixo77 · 34 weeks ago
You would never see another woman in professional sports. The gap in physical abilities is huge. And to head off any claims of sexism I do have some examples.
Womans Olympic records are comparable to Mens high school records.
The Canadian Womans Olympic Hockey team and the U.S. Womans World Cup team trained by playing against male Under-16 teams. Both lost the majority of their games.
Serena and Venus Williams once boasted that no man outside of the top 200 could beat them. Karsten Braasch, ranked 203 at the time took them up on the challenge. He easily beat them both, back to back, while smoking and drinking between sets.
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Dude knows how to burn others 74 comments
felixo77 · 36 weeks ago
So he gets to do the same thing to any vibrators/dildos that you buy, right?
Don't fight me fight the Germans 33 comments
felixo77 · 38 weeks ago
Guilt by association?
I'm not even mad 1 comments
felixo77 · 42 weeks ago
Physical copies isn't much of a metric when games are increasingly moving to a solely digital format.
Enchiladas, gorditas y sopes 5 comments
felixo77 · 42 weeks ago
TLDR: "Maybe both. People have a habit of stereotyping other groups to avoid challenging their own beliefs."
One of many problems 9 comments
felixo77 · 43 weeks ago
Are you serious or making a joke?