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This lad is a hero 4 comments
flowerkiller · 1 day ago
Most adults? Please....they don’t know the simmering rage from dealing with the every day grind that most adults yearn to let loose.
Let’s go fight in a parking lot!
What a terrifying clown 5 comments
flowerkiller · 2 days ago
I’m sorry but have they seen the movie It?
Tony 16 comments
flowerkiller · 3 days ago
Best super power ever! Just ask Bruce Wayne.
Goodnight everyone 3 comments
flowerkiller · 5 days ago
A renaissance photo
Like that they be 3 comments
flowerkiller · 1 week ago
The with had help from one man....cloned a million or two times
sweet 10 comments
flowerkiller · 1 week ago
He rode in a pale white mustang.
I could really use some tips 74 comments
flowerkiller · 1 week ago
Diet and exercise. Cut down sugar and carbs. Focus on meat and veggies. Using an app help track calories helps a lot. Also it helps having someone else that is in the same frame of mind with trying to lose weight so you encourage each other.
Shoutout to the OG's 12 comments
flowerkiller · 2 weeks ago
Wrong....90s kids are putting them on their kid’s ceilings....because they are cool.
Hoes inc 3 comments
flowerkiller · 2 weeks ago
No, it makes you a dumb hoe.
It do be like that sometimes 6 comments
flowerkiller · 5 weeks ago
I feel like he is being exploited by his parents. He promotes a book that is out with all about him like his favorite color and what not. It’s really weird.
fruckiung 5 comments
flowerkiller · 6 weeks ago
Need to improve your work ethic.
Not how you make a goddamn burritooooooooo 16 comments
flowerkiller · 7 weeks ago
I cried from laughing at this.
That face 9 comments
flowerkiller · 7 weeks ago
This picture makes me so happy.
Truth about waffles 6 comments
flowerkiller · 9 weeks ago
Every waffle recipe I’ve come across has more butter and sugar than the pancakes ones. Waffles are breakfast cakes.
A stone ramp used to load material to the second floor of a barn 4 comments
flowerkiller · 10 weeks ago
Gotta admit, it’s pretty cool looking and I’m sure that’s what happened when they made the decision to build it.
Pull out game weak af 10 comments
flowerkiller · 12 weeks ago
He’s a guy isn’t that’s why. He’s an asshole.
What do I do?? 15 comments
flowerkiller · 13 weeks ago
I’d record it for proof and then go to HR. People have double standards when it comes to me being sexually harassed. Then I’d post the video online.
If you get fired for reporting it, you can go to the Dept of Labor and call for an investigation.
matrimony 14 comments
flowerkiller · 14 weeks ago
I highly recommend reading The Five Love Lanuages for anyone in a relationship.
And here you see your childhood getting ruined. 6 comments
flowerkiller · 16 weeks ago
Bob Ross doesn’t deserve this.
Waste your time 2k19 6 comments
flowerkiller · 16 weeks ago
Knitting isn’t unproductive....I’m the warmest bitch on my street with my five scarves.
Tablecloths serve no practical purpose 8 comments
flowerkiller · 16 weeks ago
I have a table, chairs, and hutch that is from my husband’s great great grandmother. Anything that’s been in the family for generations must be preserved. Hence....table cloths during meal times.
Time is but an illusion measured by whispering bananas 5 comments
flowerkiller · 17 weeks ago
Best made with a cup of sour cream. Sounds weird but it made the lightest moistest banana bread I’ve ever had.
Well...Not bad 3 comments
flowerkiller · 17 weeks ago
One step closer to man bear pig.
It's the little things that bring us joy 6 comments
flowerkiller · 18 weeks ago
I had a lizard travel on my windshield wipers from my house to the store and back again. It was amazing.
3 · Edited 18 weeks ago
My 8 month old is kicking meningococcal BUTT!!! Yesterday they told us she won't 17 comments
flowerkiller · 20 weeks ago
Yay! Happiness for Christmas!