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Peach massages save lives
Working class hero
I think I'll go for a walk
I mean yeah, good one actually.
I hate this

I hate this

Posted 1 day ago by dash224
Whenever you do something stupid, at least you didn't go to war with Poseidon
Breh why da fuk we spenin money on vaccine if we can by a coke
Make up your mind!
Long draining Gull
How to find a cat lady
How they gon end the movie like this and then bail?
Stay pure lads
Known as oculist eye caps
High trust vs low trust cultures
Two Armenian women pose with their rifles before going to battle against the Ottomans -
Fix This

Fix This

Posted 1 day ago by xvarnah
Phenomenon called the "green flash"
Morning commute. Cape Cod, MA (US)
Llamas are a joy to raise, allegedly
Congrats to my bro carefully tying the knot