AKA Immortal Tempo


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For the red I used my blood since my hand started bleeding. GO DUCKS!
There are dinosaurs on my LEGO island. I didn't intend this... but you see it right?
I like this one cuz you can see the stairs to the court. That shit was tricky.
Then this is the under part, there's actually around 1,000 pieces in that part, iz solid.
It's not very good, but this is the court of the basketball court
This is my Cleo, telling me to get off my computer
Put in like 10 more hours, this side, and a bunch of framework behind it.
If you don't know, you'll understand soon enough. These jokes are going to be gold.
4x larger than normal... meaning "normal" is a 1/4th of a VW Beetle.
That is a snake scrambling to escape. The snake lost.