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We need to stop that 21 comments
grouchymarks · 2 weeks ago
From the original interview, when placed into context, she is using the stories as a tool to get her daughters to think critically about these kinds of topics, not calling for a ban or anything. This was only one example given of the kind of questions she asks her daughters about stories they read.
You know he is right 4 comments
grouchymarks · 6 weeks ago
Hey...I'm from Florida, and I'd like to set the record straight. I can tell you that the majority of the people here are not acting like idiots because they're drunk, they're doing it because they're stupid. Some of them just HAPPEN to be drunk as well.
NERDS! 15 comments
grouchymarks · 6 weeks ago
No, I usually just go through life generally fatigued at all times. I don't like coffee, but I wish I did. It smells good, just not my thing.
Pizza 7 comments
grouchymarks · 16 weeks ago
Right, and what kind of spoon? Tablespoon? Teaspoon? How are we expected to answer without the facts?
The sacred cheese 6 comments
grouchymarks · 20 weeks ago
I don't think they understand how apostrophes work.
Not all heroes wear capes 9 comments
grouchymarks · 22 weeks ago
He's not considered a hero because he died, he's considered a hero because he put his own life at risk for a very dangerous rescue mission. He was a hero for his bravery and selflessness. He went into it knowing the possible dangers. Unfortunately he paid the price, but he did something great in return. The rescuers that survived are also heroes and should absolutely be praised for what they've done regardless of whatever didn't go exactly as planned.
Your father's middle name must be with 5 characters 5 comments
grouchymarks · 22 weeks ago
That's very true. I'm actually in IT so my concern is more for the users who tend to be a bit less...skilled with these kinds of things, but that's definitely a good suggestion to try with them. Thanks!
Your father's middle name must be with 5 characters 5 comments
grouchymarks · 23 weeks ago
We use this awful password reset tool in my company, and one of the security questions you can set is "What is your favorite color?" Which in itself is probably not a terribly secure question, but it also has a 5 character minimum requirement, so if your answer is blue, red, pink, etc. You can't really use the question unless you find a new favorite color.
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I'm so short I've drowned in my own tears 7 comments
grouchymarks · 24 weeks ago
I'm like 5'8 and a half...because I can never accomplish anything fully in my life, but anyway, my partner is like 5'5" so he's a bit on the shorter side for a guy...although technically I am too? Whatever, my point if I can ever get to it is that I myself want to be taller but in reality I don't care that much about his height and it has never been something that I've ever really worried about. I don't feel height would ever be a deal breaker for me either. Everyone is different, so while I personally think it's wrong to dismiss someone solely on one thing that they have no control over, I also can't tell people who they should or shouldn't be into for any reason. Hopefully there is someone out there for everyone. Love and Jesus and rainbows for all, whatever.
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When Toto Africa is life 6 comments
grouchymarks · 25 weeks ago
JoJo had a song years ago called "Anything" sampling the song and now every time I hear "Africa" I get that other song stuck in my head too.
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Just pee in your bed 3 comments
grouchymarks · 27 weeks ago
We have cat feeders that we can control via an app on our phones, so when I'm really desperate to move, but refuse to be the monster that awakens the kitties, I drop a little food, they hear it and run off. Because you's not directly moving them which is unspeakable...human logic.
Parking in Japan 7 comments
grouchymarks · 28 weeks ago
Congrats on the license.
Every f**king time! 2 comments
grouchymarks · 30 weeks ago
I wish I got a prize for not littering.
He got what he asked for in the best possible way 4 comments
grouchymarks · 30 weeks ago
Why does he look like he is desperately holding in a poo?
100% dodge chance 3 comments
grouchymarks · 32 weeks ago
I don't trust someone who can waste perfectly good cake.
This hit me hard 2 comments
grouchymarks · 34 weeks ago
When you find out your boss is INSANE 19 comments
grouchymarks · 35 weeks ago
Yeah that's not Savage, that's called being an awful human being and boss. If this is real, I hope she gets punched in the coot.
Knock on the door a few times to make sure 3 comments
grouchymarks · 35 weeks ago
Fun story. I once really had to pee. It was a single person bathroom at a Dunkin' Donuts. I get in there, and the lock for the door is broken. I almost didn't want to use it but I really had to go, so I thought to myself, I'll be quick, it'll be fine. Never. It's never just fine. Well as I'm standing there peeing, this guy with a kid not only doesn't knock, but opens the door, sees me standing there (at this point I stop peeing and I'm trying to cover up my junk) and apologizes. However, instead of instantly closing the door like a normal human being that has any sense of respect for other human beings, he proceeds to walk in, as I continue to shield my junk, and walks over to the sink to grab some paper towels and then leaves. There is no excuse for this, and if you so desperately need paper towels, ask at the damned counter. Thank you!
Context matters 10 comments
grouchymarks · 36 weeks ago
Honestly, this works without the clarification as well.
Rolls 9 comments
grouchymarks · 37 weeks ago
Comment deleted.
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I can't literally stand it anymore. 3 comments
grouchymarks · 37 weeks ago
Sounds like a party to me.
I'm guessing he is male 4 comments
grouchymarks · 38 weeks ago
Hey, boobs are boobs. I'm gay and even I appreciate the magic.
Is it just me? 4 comments
grouchymarks · 45 weeks ago
This is pretty much me.
Illegal to twerk 8 comments
grouchymarks · 45 weeks ago
The male equivalent of "Beyoncé" ? They couldn't decide on Dante or Deon? I'm not really sure. It says "DeYonté Hunter" so maybe that's not his name and he just hunts for DeYontés.
Spoopy 4 comments
grouchymarks · 45 weeks ago
My head is telling me that for many versions of the character, he is able to turn into a bat and fly, not needing a jetpack. However, my heart is telling me that nobody should ever turn down a jetpack, so I'm in conflict.