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I've always wondered about this 3 comments
hattricks1995 · 2 weeks ago
Wholesome Facebook is definitely wholesome 2 comments
hattricks1995 · 3 weeks ago
28 years old with that level of hair loss... just like me.
Taking bad luck to the next level 12 comments
hattricks1995 · 4 weeks ago
This isn't what I expected to see first thing in the morning... Nor is it what I wanted to see ever
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Catland 5 comments
hattricks1995 · 5 weeks ago
Last time I was at Disneyland I saw one while in frontier land it stayed in the trees and watched us
Don't beat yourself up, let life do it instead 6 comments
hattricks1995 · 6 weeks ago
The devil told me I had no warrior or he wasn't strong enough to do any good. This. is. a. lie. I recognize now that I can do good and be good. So just be good you guys, see the beauty in the world; in others; and most importantly yourselves.
Noice 5 comments
hattricks1995 · 8 weeks ago
You shall pass 10 comments
hattricks1995 · 9 weeks ago
I have a quiz in 10 min so let's see if magical car can provide
Cuddling anonymous 5 comments
hattricks1995 · 10 weeks ago
Trying to do this a little bit personally. I hugged my dad for the first time in several years.
Hmmmmmmmm 9 comments
hattricks1995 · 18 weeks ago
Elkay, the company that makes these has about 60 or so percent of the market. On water bottle filling stations. Just did a plant tour for a class so there's that info.
Dumb dumb mister! 7 comments
hattricks1995 · 19 weeks ago
Love this every time I see it
Almost missed my turn to work this morning following this 5 comments
hattricks1995 · 19 weeks ago
The only appropriate paint job for a smart car
I have a fliend that rooks rike this 2 comments
hattricks1995 · 19 weeks ago
Beat me to it
Suit game 6 comments
hattricks1995 · 20 weeks ago
Same for me over the past year. I bought several pairs of dress pants last fall and finally got motivation to go to the gym at the same time and now none of them will stay on without a belt.
Who are we 3 comments
hattricks1995 · 23 weeks ago
I had a dissociation the other day so bad where I couldn't recognize myself for probably a solid 3 or so minutes. Kinda weirded me out.
Jacked-o-Lantern. 1 comments
hattricks1995 · 23 weeks ago
Looks like someone skipped leg day
Yes 2 comments
hattricks1995 · 24 weeks ago
Same I just open up Amazon and my bank account is empty
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Great example of why women live longer than men 1 comments
hattricks1995 · 26 weeks ago
Feel like I just jumped into a time machine, I haven't seen this post in years
You have to function somehow 4 comments
hattricks1995 · 27 weeks ago
I had a corded one and it was great
A wall to be proud of! 11 comments
hattricks1995 · 27 weeks ago
If I remember there is a story of someone planting trees at the edge of a dessert and has been taking it back themselves.
Ngl, I thought the same thing 8 comments
hattricks1995 · 28 weeks ago
I had to come to comments section...
Failpass 5 comments
hattricks1995 · 28 weeks ago
When you graduate but it's with a degree you can't find a job for *cough* Graphic designers *cough*
Accurate 100 8 comments
hattricks1995 · 31 weeks ago
Has the realization yesterday and had to find an empty room and cry for a little bit
Guilty pleasure 3 comments
hattricks1995 · 32 weeks ago
Each piece a different fruit, I like it!
Pros be bullying 3 comments
hattricks1995 · 32 weeks ago
How it felt jumping into destiny 2