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Retard units explained 7 comments
heywood · 14 hours ago
Julian calendar for the win! 190915
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God damn POS kids 2 comments
heywood · 1 week ago
I’ve seen them used....um...differently in some videos.
Moral of the story: You should accept defeat and move on from time to time 1 comments
heywood · 2 weeks ago
Or blame Russia for your loss.
Two for one special 8 comments
heywood · 3 weeks ago
He should stop doing films glorifying violence.
Anon explains a Simpsons joke 8 comments
heywood · 4 weeks ago
It’s more complex than that though. Feed can be related to suck as seed can be to fuck. It’s all in where you blow your load.
Haven' t said a word in his entire career. Has millions of views 3 comments
heywood · 7 weeks ago
He used the subtitles to explain things.
Guess ill die 3 comments
heywood · 9 weeks ago
Either the laser or the scope are not zeroed properly.
Whyd you have to massacre it like that? Nobody likes it 5 comments
heywood · 9 weeks ago
There are several reasons to texture a ceiling. First is because it’s cheaper to hide the sloppy work done by cheap labor. Getting a perfectly smooth ceiling of sheet rock and mud is time consuming and labor intensive. It’s the same reason for textured walls.
The other reason is it’s easier to patch a textured surface. Again, smooth is expensive and matching a patch is almost impossible.
Another reason I’ve heard is echo mitigation. The texture scatters sounds and makes the room quieter. These are some of the reasons I’ve been told. YMMV
Simpler times 5 comments
heywood · 9 weeks ago
Have a kid they said, it will be fun they said 5 comments
heywood · 12 weeks ago
Why does the job site look so bad? Cleaning an area while working isn’t that hard.
whopsie 2 comments
heywood · 16 weeks ago
He can’t change his time line.... ya da ya da ya da. Besides, who’s to say he didn’t try to warn people and George Bush just had it done any way.
*willing to donate brain to science 2 comments
heywood · 16 weeks ago
Other people that can’t play in the NFL:
People that decline their contract extension believing they’ll be offered more money elsewhere while sucking ass as a Quarterback. AKA - Tim Tebow
Tell me anything, I will find an agreement against it 7 comments
heywood · 20 weeks ago
Endgame kinda sucked. In fact, the more I think about the damn movie the more I don’t like it.
Who exactly is the target audience here? 3 comments
heywood · 20 weeks ago
Then they all fuck Elmo!
2019 is cancelled, 2018 is back by popular demand 5 comments
heywood · 22 weeks ago
Cool, extra year of Trump.
This shit. 21 comments
heywood · 23 weeks ago
Came to say this.
Thanos supporters in a nutshell 12 comments
heywood · 24 weeks ago
I was snapped out of r/thanosdidnothingwrong . The Soul stone ain't so bad.
This is why you don’t just DIY 4 comments
heywood · 28 weeks ago
A professional would have used a GFI outlet.
ancestry 11 comments
heywood · 37 weeks ago
The OP didn’t posted the updates. The mom was married and had a kid but the father died when the first daughter was a baby. She found help from a man she considered a friend and they fell in love and married and had other kids. He raised them all as his own and there was no need to bring up such a painful past. The Christmas wasn’t ruined.
That semen is a demon 20 comments
heywood · 38 weeks ago
Holly shit! I’ve been around this place for 2 years?
Truly alarming but I still do it for the love of the profession. . 18 comments
heywood · 47 weeks ago
I’m an outside technician for a telecom company. That’s as much as I’ll say about that. I do live in a lower cost of living area but really I just live within my means. I have friends that have better houses and cars and go on extravagant vacations but they also swim in dept.
Truly alarming but I still do it for the love of the profession. . 18 comments
heywood · 47 weeks ago
I only got an associate’s degree, only work one job and for most of my marriage my wife stayed home with our kids and I make enough to give my blood and plasma away when I have time.
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This one gets it 27 comments
heywood · 48 weeks ago
A lot of people were upset about it. I admit I had my doubts.
This one gets it 27 comments
heywood · 48 weeks ago
The new Doctor is female and I love her. She’s a bit silly like Mat was but very confident like Tenant was. It’s going to be a fun season.