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The far right is even weirder than we imagined 3 comments
heywood · 5 weeks ago
Our Governor is a Democrat. That is the Lt. Governor. But hey, facts aren’t even real any more.
It was never the teachers 37 comments
heywood · 21 weeks ago
Oh the problem is the same as it’s been for decades. Parents.
Florida Man and the Cocaine fairy 2 comments
heywood · 33 weeks ago
Should have said he just lent his car to Hunter Biden.
You exist 3 comments
heywood · 41 weeks ago
Uuuummm..... if you’re bleeding during a pregnancy, please see a doctor right away. We are here because for nine months or so our mothers DIDN’T bleed.
Help me understand this concept 44 comments
heywood · 42 weeks ago
so many things wrong with this. Taxes are NOT social security. They are two separate things. Social Security contributions are capped at a little over $100k per year so rich people are usually the only ones maxing their contributions in any given year. Oh and when they are eligible for pay outs the amounts are also capped well below what it would take for them to receive even close to what they contributed to. Most rich people don’t bother collecting SS.
What is theft is people leaching off a system they put nothing into. And I’m not going to claim that fraud is abundant but it happens. Hell there are enough legal “loop holes” to get SS without ever paying in.
And let’s not forget that the Boomers are one of the biggest generations to start retiring so the lack of contributors to meet the needs of the recipients so going to cause issues.
And that’s not even the whole story but yeah, taxes and SS aren’t the same.
Thwarted 2 comments
heywood · 43 weeks ago
Yeah, that’s either a giant troll or a serious lack of education.
I would watch this soap Oprah 6 comments
heywood · 44 weeks ago
You mean Fight Club?
An impressive piece of engineering but WHY? 3 comments
heywood · 1 year ago
His HOA wouldn’t allow a garage door that faces the street if I remember correctly
Message recieved 5 comments
heywood · 1 year ago
Funny, he had 8 years and both houses under his control for the first two of them, why didn’t he enact gun control?
Retard units explained 8 comments
heywood · 1 year ago
Julian calendar for the win! 190915
· Edited 1 year ago
God damn POS kids 2 comments
heywood · 1 year ago
I’ve seen them used....um...differently in some videos.
Moral of the story: You should accept defeat and move on from time to time 1 comments
heywood · 1 year ago
Or blame Russia for your loss.
Two for one special 8 comments
heywood · 1 year ago
He should stop doing films glorifying violence.
Anon explains a Simpsons joke 8 comments
heywood · 1 year ago
It’s more complex than that though. Feed can be related to suck as seed can be to fuck. It’s all in where you blow your load.
Haven' t said a word in his entire career. Has millions of views 3 comments
heywood · 1 year ago
He used the subtitles to explain things.
Guess ill die 3 comments
heywood · 1 year ago
Either the laser or the scope are not zeroed properly.
Whyd you have to massacre it like that? Nobody likes it 5 comments
heywood · 1 year ago
There are several reasons to texture a ceiling. First is because it’s cheaper to hide the sloppy work done by cheap labor. Getting a perfectly smooth ceiling of sheet rock and mud is time consuming and labor intensive. It’s the same reason for textured walls.
The other reason is it’s easier to patch a textured surface. Again, smooth is expensive and matching a patch is almost impossible.
Another reason I’ve heard is echo mitigation. The texture scatters sounds and makes the room quieter. These are some of the reasons I’ve been told. YMMV
Simpler times 5 comments
heywood · 1 year ago
Have a kid they said, it will be fun they said 5 comments
heywood · 1 year ago
Why does the job site look so bad? Cleaning an area while working isn’t that hard.
whopsie 2 comments
heywood · 1 year ago
He can’t change his time line.... ya da ya da ya da. Besides, who’s to say he didn’t try to warn people and George Bush just had it done any way.
*willing to donate brain to science 2 comments
heywood · 1 year ago
Other people that can’t play in the NFL:
People that decline their contract extension believing they’ll be offered more money elsewhere while sucking ass as a Quarterback. AKA - Tim Tebow
Tell me anything, I will find an agreement against it 7 comments
heywood · 1 year ago
Endgame kinda sucked. In fact, the more I think about the damn movie the more I don’t like it.
Who exactly is the target audience here? 3 comments
heywood · 1 year ago
Then they all fuck Elmo!
2019 is cancelled, 2018 is back by popular demand 5 comments
heywood · 1 year ago
Cool, extra year of Trump.