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Directions 5 comments
housepahse · 3 years ago
I'm a male and don't know any street names.
Now, where are the children? 10 comments
housepahse · 5 years ago
They're definitely bonded
Every man's dream 25 comments
housepahse · 7 years ago
I will replic8 this joke by st8ing any word that enters the g8 of my mind. It will be a pl8 full of words too gr8 that sen8s and magist8s can't w8 to dissimin8. It's too l8 to deb8 because I already stamped it with a certifca8. I hope this motiv8s you to navig8 the str8 of life, never afr8 to face your f8 or take the b8. Keep your posture st8, take a nice portr8, walk with a champion's g8. Remember to check your prostr8. I'll see you at the est8s in Kuw8 on the said d8. Elev8!
How to tune up your dashboard 13 comments
housepahse · 7 years ago
White lights shine through the colored paper, giving colored lights!
How i would want bad news delivered 3 comments
housepahse · 9 years ago
You must be new to the Internet...
"All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers" - François Fénelon 4 comments
housepahse · 9 years ago
Dude, no one does inb4 here and no one gets it -.- why mgoveia, why
Didn't even break a sweat 1 comments
housepahse · 9 years ago
I don't think he actually caught it. Maybe he was just holding it up.