I know the quality is subpar, but this church looks just like a chicken 4 comments
idos · 8 weeks ago
I was about to say that
Birg 10 comments
idos · 2 years ago
Dayum... I wish I could go there too
This makes my wood become the big wood 9 comments
idos · 3 years ago
How did you grow that wood
Looking at you, Peter Jackson 3 comments
idos · 3 years ago
My co-worker as a pramedic
Awkward 4 comments
idos · 4 years ago
*pet it
Human abortion vs chicken omelette 14 comments
idos · 5 years ago
Superchicken knows best
In school, Funsubstance selfie 10 comments
idos · 6 years ago
I see FunSubstance in the background :D
FunSubstance Weekly Leaderboard 48 comments
idos · 7 years ago
If they added a top commenters by dislikes you may be on the list hahaha XD