I wish I could change my username but it's done now and there's no going back. #regrettingmyemophase

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Oh, so that's what they're called 16 comments
illusion666 · 4 weeks ago
My favourite time to be in the university library is at like half 4 in the morning. Everyone is back from their night out, most of the people who are cramming for a test have had the sense to go home already, the people who get up really early won't be there for another hour. You can be the only person in the entire building apart from a security guard, there's huge windows so you can see the darkness outside, and if you sit still for long enough the automatic lights go off so it's dark inside too.
Love it.
Thank you for 7 years and counting of procrastination! 6 comments
illusion666 · 5 weeks ago
somewhere hip that broke my bank account i reckon
Every damn night 1 comments
illusion666 · 6 weeks ago
got an 2500 word assignment due on wednesday but am also planning on going clubbing tonight then working tomorrow night, so have just accepted I won't sleep for the next couple days
I think I might have the ugly 2 comments
illusion666 · 6 weeks ago
I would also do that in case someone who needs the seat more comes on
A miserable existence 1 comments
illusion666 · 6 weeks ago
I work at a student club near my university, and on saturdays there's a big student event at the guild. I generally finish work at around 2am on a saturday so when I come out, some students are already staggering home. There's also a 24 hour convenience store just around the corner and as I was leaving work, this group of girls came past me. Most of them were eating crisps, one had some fried chicken, and then there's this one girl, the drunkest, with a bag of celery sticks in one hand and a smoothie in the other. This post is 100% accurate
And that's why we don't like dubs 4 comments
illusion666 · 8 weeks ago
i watch the first episodes of both to figure out which version of the character's voices fits better. Like Attack on Titan and Blue Exorcist = dubs , but Ouran High School Host Club and Soul Eater = subs.
Though obvs I like both, I just have a preference.
The vet are gonna give her the final injection that's gonna let her sleep forever in 7 comments
illusion666 · 11 weeks ago
I'm so sorry that you've had to let go of her, I know how it feels. At least she won't be able to suffer anymore. The vets had to put my baby down over a year and a half ago and I still miss him so much, I hope they meet each other up there
Changes after people start taking care of themselves. Healthy is hot 14 comments
illusion666 · 19 weeks ago
Kudos to the inclusion of someone suffering from being underweight as well as people who were previously overweight. A lot of these people just look happier being at a healthy weight and a smile makes you a thousand times more attractive.
You did good, kid 2 comments
illusion666 · 25 weeks ago
This is the good kush
Laser tag anyone? 2 comments
illusion666 · 26 weeks ago
omg that's the lazer tag zone from my home town!!! It went up in flames, people think it was an insurance scam but the owners were lovely so I doubt that.
Rare albino raccoon hangin' out and doin' hood rat stuff 5 comments
illusion666 · 29 weeks ago
eminem chillin in detroit like
Don't fear the Reaper 4 comments
illusion666 · 31 weeks ago
good song that, by blue oyster cult for anyone that's interested
Let's be active 2 comments
illusion666 · 31 weeks ago
I thought this said 'attractive' when i first looked at it and I was like eXCUSe ME all cats are beautifully then I realised i'm just dyslexic
Mine's Katatonie by Noisuf-X btw 15 comments
illusion666 · 31 weeks ago
At the moment... Moving to New York or Tokyo by The Wombats :)
The horror of a casual teacher 4 comments
illusion666 · 31 weeks ago
This mannequin reminds me of my old english language teacher. He was the best teacher ever, but when he couldn't be bothered teaching (like at the end of term) he would just stick the Inbetweeners on and be like 'yes look at the different names these kids call each other'. And, for a project where we had to study language, he was like 'if I had to do this project I would do it on Arctic monkeys songs' and then proceeded to spend the rest of the lesson showing us his favourite arctic monkeys songs
What happens when a needle stabs your skin 10 comments
illusion666 · 31 weeks ago
Yeah that makes sense, thanks! :D
What happens when a needle stabs your skin 10 comments
illusion666 · 32 weeks ago
I have a phobia of needles but for some reason this actually makes me feel better about it. I don't know why, it really shouldn't
Always be yourself. It can lead to greatness 3 comments
illusion666 · 32 weeks ago
And now he has 120 thousand monthly listeners
F**ken baby snacher 17 comments
illusion666 · 32 weeks ago
Or this example could just be her texting her girlfriend
I saw Slavic Robert Downey Jr. Today 1 comments
illusion666 · 33 weeks ago
He actually looks like Robert does when he's playing Tony Stark and is being unimpressed by the guardians of the galaxy in infinity wars xD
Granted positive awareness is also good 3 comments
illusion666 · 34 weeks ago
I mean, if anything it's bad marketing because people who are supportive of LGBT rights would probably use most of these products regardless, whereas many kinds of homophobic people would definitely stop using these companies just because they're LGBT supportive. I dunno, that's just my thoughts. Feel free to debate with me on that.
Snowball 2 comments
illusion666 · 34 weeks ago
It's bad I fucking laughed at the memes now meme ffs
Right in the feels... 8 comments
illusion666 · 36 weeks ago
Taking your own life is never the cowards option, but sometimes you have to think about the people you're going to hurt in the long term. When I was in my darkest days, I tried to commit suicide and was unsuccessful. My family were devastated that they hadn't known how bad I had gotten and I pushed myself to get better so I couldn't never hurt them again. Now, I've found the solution to my problems and am happier than ever.
Turn your phone upside down to add 70% more cuteness (sorry pc users) 8 comments
illusion666 · 1 year ago
debating whether or not it's worth lifting up and turning my laptop round in the middle of this lecture
Ray gun? 4 comments
illusion666 · 1 year ago
ray gun? more like HAMR