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Dinner at the care facility I am at 2 comments
iondrako · 3 days ago
Yeah the image is kinda giving off liminal space vibes to me. Probably not the best for a care facility imo
Onion market in Aliero Nigeria 1 comments
iondrako · 4 weeks ago
The sight alone is enough to make a grown man tear up
This is a flat oil painting by Rutger Hiemstra 1 comments
iondrako · 6 weeks ago
Good thing he added a banana for scale, weird how small he is /s
qualityAssurance 2 comments
iondrako · 9 weeks ago
Indie games sure but AAA games QAs scream into a void that usually ignore them
Saw one of these last night... 1 comments
iondrako · 12 weeks ago
Still can't believe they brought retro game graphic into real life
He should have sent a .Gyat file 2 comments
iondrako · 12 weeks ago
Don't think he zipped them for size. The guy asked for multiple files so instead of having to send a bunch one at a time it's better to just zip and send the lot of them
[OC] Many years ago my mom rented out a McDonalds for my birthday party 1 comments
iondrako · 14 weeks ago
Old McDonald's was such a cool place, outside of the ashtrays
He knows! 3 comments
iondrako · 15 weeks ago
Nah he said spider singular, so it's just one big brain sized spider running the show, piloting a human body like a mecha
Surprise! 1 comments
iondrako · 16 weeks ago
Wait...let em cook
80k+ hours of exclusive movies and shows plus live sports 1 comments
iondrako · 19 weeks ago
Love the occasional random ads that are coming through as posts now
They just couldn't resist those hygienic hunks 3 comments
iondrako · 21 weeks ago
Didn't know Vikings were dwarves
That son of a bïtch 17 comments
iondrako · 21 weeks ago
Dumb as hell take mate. One thing for them to be screwing and another entirely for them to be posting things online. He could have school mates that had seen or fapped to said uploads which is nasty in its own right but now if he brings anyone over he risks someone recognizing them, spreading the info and ruining his school life.
Covert operation is Egypt? Oh THAT kind of "stoners" 1 comments
iondrako · 22 weeks ago
Tell me you don't know an actual alcoholic without telling me you don't know one starring this meme
What a good friend Chika is 1 comments
iondrako · 24 weeks ago
They do screw in the manga
Broken 1 comments
iondrako · 26 weeks ago
The base brick work looks great tbh even in the run down state of the house
Some people gotta chill fr 2 comments
iondrako · 27 weeks ago
Any death threats or similar adjacent insults shouldn't happen ever with game development but low ratings on steam for shit games are deserved even if a lot of time was technically put into it.
Advanced humor :) 1 comments
iondrako · 27 weeks ago
Cast on crit?
I find this really weird 1 comments
iondrako · 27 weeks ago
There's more than 2 I'm pretty sure, usually happens when a whole class gets isekai'd
What would you call this weapon? 8 comments
iondrako · 28 weeks ago
Banana bomb and it better split into 4-5 exploding bananas when it goes off
Education is a privilege. At least you have a chance to improve your life 33 comments
iondrako · 28 weeks ago
Not gonna read your whole thesis paper you wrote for some reason but to counter one point you said early colleges already need you to take core classes like maths. So even taking calculus+ math classes in high school like I did I still was forced to basically retake the same courses in college because they require you to take math. So high schools should stop forcing math past stat and shouldn't force science at all since its already a specialized field. History is fine and English is okay. Having harder or specialized courses available to those interested is fine but forcing kids to take courses that most won't need in college/life is dumb when school should be preparing kids for college/life instead of setting them up to go deep into debt finding a major in college.
· Edited 28 weeks ago
Am I really the only one? 2 comments
iondrako · 28 weeks ago
As a fan of the death march web novel every other version of it changed so much in such a worse way that it's complete garbage as a series that most people drop and forget. The less enjoyable series might have banger source material
Education is a privilege. At least you have a chance to improve your life 33 comments
iondrako · 28 weeks ago
Most people aren't complaining about the basics, it's that for all of them you're forced to keep taking harder and harder courses of those throughout school rather than hitting what should be the core and allowing students then to try many more varied courses to find a field they actually like so they aren't drowned in debt in college trying to find a major they like.
More people did the Chika dance than the former two dances combined. Simply the GOAT 1 comments
iondrako · 31 weeks ago
Haruhi dance would probably be the actual OG, between that and the Lucky Star one. Konosuba might be above the chika one as well though much newer than the previous 2 I mentioned.
Only few will remember this August 8 1 comments
iondrako · 33 weeks ago
I almost dropped the series during the endless 8
This post is made by the physical copy gang 4 comments
iondrako · 34 weeks ago
I had mine accidentally cut recently and it took multiple days for them to come fix it. I found other stuff to do but that doesn't detract from the fact the ps5 doesn't at least keep a temporary signature that you have an active PS+ sub to let you play downloaded games from it.
Like I have a decent chunk of games on there in my back log and the net being down would have been a great time to crack into them but I couldn't.