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Very tough 19 comments
iondrako · 1 day ago
Also doesn't say you can't spam it at light speed so you could technically fly or get anywhere instantly through many fast 7 inch teleports.
Friends helping bloke get home after his 33rd birthday 2 comments
iondrako · 2 days ago
Classic case of getting nailed after some cross-fit
PoetrySub 3 comments
iondrako · 1 week ago
So maybe my big fear of open water and deep sea comes from something that deep sea water in me knows that I don't
What is your guess? 12 comments
iondrako · 1 week ago
1 time use Tooth brush
Some introverts have a superiority complex I swear 3 comments
iondrako · 2 weeks ago
Feels like whoever made this has no idea what an introvert is...
Naming issues 5 comments
iondrako · 3 weeks ago
Finally time to bust out windows 9
I’m late to the party but oh well… The ending is shit tho 2 comments
iondrako · 4 weeks ago
The anime is Oreimo, the ending of season 2 is ass though
Five going on fifty 3 comments
iondrako · 5 weeks ago
Enjoying the rain so much he had to make sure to get on his phone and make this tweet/post.
Like cmon its not that hard 3 comments
iondrako · 7 weeks ago
Wasn't there some time travel/alternate dimension episode centered around Candice and how the boys being caught caused some terrible stuff/future to happen?
May be misremembering but I feel like that was a plot at some point.
Quack! 3 comments
iondrako · 8 weeks ago
Their aggression and yearly kill count is pretty high last I checked
Dead portal meme 4 comments
iondrako · 9 weeks ago
Hail santa! 2 comments
iondrako · 10 weeks ago
Psyducks hat is on his tail and the box is a light up music box, I don't remember the episode well enough to remember why pikachu didn't have a hat.
If the comment was meant as a joke it went over my head.
Autofellatio 5 comments
iondrako · 11 weeks ago
I'm pretty sure Reddit defaults to liking any post or comment you make
Maybe, maybe not 1 comments
iondrako · 12 weeks ago
Unless you are going the stated speed limit and they all want to speed. Then it's still a them problem.
Country meditation 1 comments
iondrako · 16 weeks ago
From your largest Yees to your smallest Haws you must find your inner howdy
The choice 2 comments
iondrako · 21 weeks ago
Not always from drinking. Could be anything from bad food to a virus but yes if it's from dunking too much that's really the person in questions fault.
What will you choose 2 comments
iondrako · 23 weeks ago
Forgot the third option, phone scam companies
Uh-oh 2 comments
iondrako · 26 weeks ago
Also if you were a YouTube streamer you'd at least know what twitch was
Blue or red 5 comments
iondrako · 27 weeks ago
I'd prefer small small tbh, wonder if you could half/half the pills...
What a time to be alive. 1 comments
iondrako · 29 weeks ago
Why not have a panicked dissociation at the disco grocery store?
Yea 2 comments
iondrako · 32 weeks ago
Pretty sure it's supposed to be his mom, with the whole no video game thing and all
But WHY does it be like that sometimes? 8 comments
iondrako · 34 weeks ago
There's a wide variety of severity. I have a nephew with it that without meds can't sit a focus on something he's not interested in at all. I have add myself and have needed to pace for half an hour or more fighting an uphill battle against myself just to do some basic tasks I didn't want to do.
The human body and brain specifically is an absolute disaster as far as forming "right". There's a reason there are multiple fields of study based around the brain, the brain can form in many different ways that can result in a wide variety of effects from good to bad. Just because the severity of your issues was manageable through basic will power doesn't mean it's able to be dealt with that easily for everyone and thinking it is is just ignorant in so many ways.
Body odour is a social construct 10 comments
iondrako · 34 weeks ago
Karlboll, why do you think deodorant was invented in the first place? Because people did think human sweat stench was a problem and came up with a solution to it.
But WHY does it be like that sometimes? 8 comments
iondrako · 34 weeks ago
Looking at the first two commenters it's amazing how people that clearly have no mental inhibitions or issues or experienced such can be so amazingly stupid and ignorant of actual issues. You don't tell a guy with a bad leg to just walk or someone with bad eyes to just look.
New doge 2 comments
iondrako · 41 weeks ago
Nice doge, looks like it's pure bread