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I was on this Earth for over two decades before I learned Moose we’re terrifyingly large 8 comments
jaharien · 12 weeks ago
1000 lbs, 6 feet at the shoulder. The bulls antlers can span 6 feet across (comparable to a longhorn) also have a habit of killing about anything (according to Gary Paulsen)
Sokka and Aang in "Avatar: The Last Brain Cells" 3 comments
jaharien · 12 weeks ago
And you know as they grew older and made decisions on a international level this dynamic probably never changed
Did somebody say impeachment?! 2 comments
jaharien · 13 weeks ago
We already had impeachment
lol 8 comments
jaharien · 14 weeks ago
Weird flex but ok
Take a rest 6 comments
jaharien · 15 weeks ago
So if 2020 is a worldwide MMO event, what's lined up for December? I got money down November's going to be dope and nobody can stop it now, but how can December top it?
Not Probable 1 comments
jaharien · 16 weeks ago
Gots me food, shade and rum. We'll ride this bitch like a pair of sea turtles
It's something 1 comments
jaharien · 16 weeks ago
Donald Trump was impeached, Kim jong-un died. China is sizing up america so ww3 is still on the menu. Expect to be asked for financial support for Bernie Sanders again in a couple of years. And no county in California can reopen if they have had a covid death in 14 days and LA county has not gone seven days without someone dying of normal flu in over a decade. And this weeks most googled word is boogaloo.
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Secret of Success 7 comments
jaharien · 16 weeks ago
The lucky have always walked among us and always will. The amazing thing about our world now is you can be born with the deck stacked against you in every sense of the word, but despite your pitiful existence (physical or mental) of being a 1/10 your legacy, be it a child/apprentice/ward can rise to be a resounding 4/10.
Daniel... *The cooler Daniel* 10 comments
jaharien · 16 weeks ago
You were loud and ugly, and now you're dead! Amen.
Just doing his part 6 comments
jaharien · 16 weeks ago
Seems counter productive to his motivation
You'd be surprised 1 comments
jaharien · 18 weeks ago
Talos guide you
The Fermi Paradox, updated 2020 5 comments
jaharien · 18 weeks ago
Our area is probably a zoned off no travel zone for too many reasons to list. Probably for the best, I'd be willing to bet we'd become known as the Florida of the milky way.
Midwesterns vs southerns 6 comments
jaharien · 19 weeks ago
There are some factors at work
40 degrees f. With no wind and sunny, I'm gonna grill in shorts and t shirt.
40 degrees f. With overcast skies and a constant breeze, sweater, jeans and I had better be moving.
The founding fathers 18 comments
jaharien · 19 weeks ago
This entire century in general was a age of madlads. The Founding Fathers may have drank a little too much pirate rum and snorted a little freedom, suddenly there's English tea in the harbor and talk about gun confiscation. Mad times all around.
Epic right there 6 comments
jaharien · 22 weeks ago
No more remakes for the rest of the decade. We have had our fill for a while
If you don't understand this, then we cannot be friends :) 9 comments
jaharien · 23 weeks ago
Diesel doogo?
Any anime suggestions? 5 comments
jaharien · 27 weeks ago
Watch, or rewatch all of One Piece
It's not perfect, but New Hope wasn't either 2 comments
jaharien · 33 weeks ago
This is the way
My brother as a toddler is realizing how much it all just ***ing sucks 9 comments
jaharien · 33 weeks ago
Life: But I'm not done yet!
How is this so accurate? 7 comments
jaharien · 34 weeks ago
Are Xers still a thing in the boomer/snowflake meme war?
This privilege 2 comments
jaharien · 40 weeks ago
Wholesome avatar 4 comments
jaharien · 43 weeks ago
Aside from airbending it is a stretch to call him a master or Earth and firebending, toph and zuko both thought he needed more training before the final battle.
He couldn't summon lighting, but redriect others.
This is not to say he isn't combat proficient in all elements, and he was very talented. But he would lose almost every fight with a mentally sound azula or ozai of restricted to only airbending and could not use the avatar state. (And spirit bending)
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Why are we not funding this? 5 comments
jaharien · 44 weeks ago
Should have Kevin as the one breaking in. But instead of witty kid vs 2 idiots it should be smart buglar vs smart kid. No weird kidnapping BS, just two pros.
Using a hammer on a lollipop 3 comments
jaharien · 44 weeks ago
Looks like sheetrock. Angry preteen toothpicks can punch holes in them
Consider this when you feel broken 7 comments
jaharien · 45 weeks ago
Blacksmith philosophy: you can sharpen swords and polish armor, but you have to be broken in order to be reforged into something stronger.