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"It doesn't work like that" 1 comments
jaharien · 4 hours ago
You should try vegan too.
Why won't you eat vegan?
WhY dO you HaTe AnImAls!?
Because they are fucking delicious.
Who did? 1 comments
jaharien · 8 hours ago
I don't want anyone getting hurt, but I'm not very sympathetic to those who don't ever ask themselves ' is this really wise?'
Reminder: It could be worse 2 comments
jaharien · 1 day ago
Records are made to be broken.
Yes 1 comments
jaharien · 1 day ago
That's the point
Moootion bluuur 2 comments
jaharien · 1 week ago
Super straight
Go to college kids 3 comments
jaharien · 1 week ago
If you are american don't go to collage if you need to take out student loans, you will be an indentured servant until you can repay
Dandelions 14 comments
jaharien · 1 week ago
Dandelion wine? I get we can ferment anything, but that doesn't mean we should.
Join your local hot air balloon lobby 20 comments
jaharien · 1 week ago
I find it funny how many people don't want Americans to own private firearms, but I suspect very few are willing to put their neck on the line to make that happen. I am more afraid of an enemy with a scoped .270 Remington bolt action with hollow nose rounds than any madman with any semi auto. Keep pushing this bull you guys, more people are starting to realize they can even make their own guns :)
"Good thing bad guys are such terrible shots!" 1 comments
jaharien · 1 week ago
I honestly pity children growing up now, they will probably never know the joy of beating the crap out of each other with the old toy longsword and war axe nerf used to make. Two savage twelve year olds could take down a NFL linebacker with those things.
Thanks china 3 comments
jaharien · 1 week ago
I hope I'm not misunderstanding, the Chinese gov. wants their citizens to think critically, without committing wrong think. I think they might have their work cut out for them.
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Ah yes, I truly am learning 2 comments
jaharien · 1 week ago
In all honesty an entire semester at minimum should be detected to the twentieth century. The political, social, and economic consequences, I don't think the west has experienced anything so ground breaking since the fall of the roman empire.
You're ancesters are proud of you. 5 comments
jaharien · 2 weeks ago
Nothing brings joy to my day like knowing there are grown mature adults who want their spawn to grow up to be the humans in WALL E
Governments be like: I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that 1 comments
jaharien · 3 weeks ago
Well human life has, for the majority of human history, been relatively cheap. Considering the spawn rates of humans before birth control, and the resources a single human needs to survive for a year. This is hardly surprising.
'Wow, another assassinated President! Someone should do something about this...' 4 comments
jaharien · 3 weeks ago
Crime is crime, what difference does it make if the murderer is prosecuted in federal court or a state court?
Communism 1 comments
jaharien · 3 weeks ago
Full send it 2 comments
jaharien · 3 weeks ago
Toggle God Mode
Roit, have you tried the MuShY pEaS? 1 comments
jaharien · 3 weeks ago
If a Englishman is going to sea for for over a year to the other side of the world, his return haul will be at least 1/2 tea. I just get the feeling the Brits wouldn't sent a fleet to deal with protesters dumping crown spice in the drink.
Coca-Cola wants you to stop being so white. 32 comments
jaharien · 6 weeks ago
So when did we pass the point of no return lads? I guessing back in '16 when the orange clown won. Bit I'm also willing to bet money Dec/21/2012 might be the culprit.
Bake him away, toys 1 comments
jaharien · 6 weeks ago
Moonshine animations?
It's more than funny. It's a fact! 1 comments
jaharien · 11 weeks ago
Hope the outlet is already black
Centrism has ruled long enough now its time to settle this between the extremists 11 comments
jaharien · 12 weeks ago
A daily reminder that no one actually knows what Americas current state is, ask 100 americans and get 100 answers. Some are in hard lockdown, some have gone back to normal, some have seen no protests others have been ravaged
Send in the wolves! 2 comments
jaharien · 13 weeks ago
I assume you refer to a congress that doesn't have 38 Texans and 3 Alaskans who are definitely not packing enough heat to kill a herd of elephants
I love drawing The Child surrounded by mushrooms ???????????? 1 comments
jaharien · 13 weeks ago
This is the way
I heard Mr. Osteen needed it for hurricane prep, though 11 comments
jaharien · 15 weeks ago
Idiots both rich and poor be like 'money printer go BRRR'