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probably 1 comments
jes5890 · 15 weeks ago
Pretty sure it's the metaphor for every administration.
based 17 comments
jes5890 · 23 weeks ago
And yet we can't trust anyone with cigarettes or alcohol til 21. Go figure.
My German mother in law trying to understand the North American car sizes 8 comments
jes5890 · 28 weeks ago
Also the tiny versions of trucks you can get overseas aren't sold in the US. The smallest new truck my mom found when she went looking 2 years ago was the Tacoma and even that's larger than she wanted. The Honda truck uses the same car frame as the other vehicles so not designed for weight any more than an SUV. Your choices are simply becoming big or bigger.
Speedrun challenge 4 comments
jes5890 · 29 weeks ago
The sloth is clearly being lazy about your sinning. Kids these days can't even do their sins individually. Whats the world coming to?
yup 11 comments
jes5890 · 40 weeks ago
Ampharos was a must have on my team in gold/silver.
I was in the ER today and there was a toddler in there who lost her toe 7 comments
jes5890 · 40 weeks ago
Needs to do it annually so it gets a bit higher each year as they grow.
Burma 5 comments
jes5890 · 41 weeks ago
What about their skull? I've seen rail thin but never an adult with a head that small.
I'm very smart 3 comments
jes5890 · 45 weeks ago
I suppose it doesn't matter in our lifetime. Probably fuck over our grandkids quality of life at our rate of pollution but then we're not the ones that have to deal with our fuckups in the future so why care to fix it at a reasonable pace now.
Always wear your reading glasses when following a recipe 5 comments
jes5890 · 49 weeks ago
Needs more garlic obviously
Subsequent annoyed windy Wasp 1 comments
jes5890 · 49 weeks ago
I think you mean always leave your door open.
A Roomba with PTSD 6 comments
jes5890 · 50 weeks ago
5/7 often leaves some dusty remnants
Moon moon being cute 3 comments
jes5890 · 51 weeks ago
You forgot adorable. Proud and adorable.
All-round high piped Badger 8 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
That scene in the day after tomorrow where the whole ice shelf breaks off from taking core samples seems a good example too.
He does 10 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
Its funny because millennials are also given flack for taking classes to learn basic things their parents never taught them.
I did often 12 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
Often. Starts with deja vu this has happened before and then the next thing happens exactly as you expect and you're just so surprised you can't breathe for a moment.
What was yours favorite game as a child? 27 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
Suikoden 2 and pokemon.
· Edited 1 year ago
This made me tear up just a little 6 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
My first thought was for death to take the old lady so they can be together.
Survival of the fittest 10 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
I have 4. They all want pets. I'm overwhelmed by a lack of hands.
Cast lots for world peace 21 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
"Well compensated" lmao
You didn't 5 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
Damn, I went the other way. Can I go back and become a Disney villain instead?
Last season will be so sick 3 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
You guys are my people. Not one of my friends likes him best.
Ara ara backwards is ara ara 5 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
This is from is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon
Based on a true story 2 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
I will never forget my brothers face after I got a draconic visage back in the day. Especially since I enjoyed skilling over pvm.
Eyelashes 8 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
Alas, women often dress for other women. Women can be cruel to each other.
The story of my life 7 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
10 years of therapy and instead of hating myself for failing I'm at the "disappointed but proud of the attempt" stage instead. Still have those right side days though.